FASHION: Converse Fall/Winter 2012 Preview

Just as we’re getting into the swing of things for Summer, Fall and Winter decide to poke their heads out in the form of fashion previews. We often dread the colder months but Converse has us excited about their¬†new line-up and collaborations – yup, we’re actually looking forward to the cooler months ahdea.

Reworking some of the classic silhouettes, their winterized collection is a rugged re-imaging of the Converse style, perfect for hitting the city streets. With heavy duty saw-tooth rubber traction on the bottoms and warm plush shearing on the interior to keep your feet nice and warm. Throw on any pair and we’re sure you’ll be cursing the winter months much less than normal next season.

Collaborations have always been a popular staple in the Converse line-up. This season the brand has, once again, teamed up with John Varvatos, Gorillaz and DC Comics, just to name a few. Always a fan favourite, this season’s collaboration with musical group, Gorillaz, features early artwork for the band by James Hewlett. Recognizable imagery is used throughout the collaboration featuring classic images of the group members and their own little mascot, “Mike, the fez wearing monkey”. ¬†This is the last chance for Gorillaz fans to snatch up some of these styles as next summer begins the a new musical collaboration.

John Varvatos brings back his signature distressed and burnished rock-and-roll style, as well as brings new life to the classic 1986 Converse Weapon, a new slimmer silhouette. The soft leather uppers helps revitalize this classic style, taking it from the basketball courts of 1986 to the courts of 2012. Not only does Varvatos breathe life into a classic look, he also brings his signature edge to the other shoes found in his collaboration from dark burnished finishes to subtle stud detailing.

This isn’t only geared towards men, Converse has always been about evolving their style to fit both genders and all preferences. With the popularity of moccasins in the past seasons, the brand has put out a few moccasin inspired pieces for the ladies who have enjoy the brand but are looking something different.

The bright colours and patterns from Marimekko are also making a return this season, one of Marimekko’s most popular prints, Unikko, was originally designed in 1964 by Maija Isola as a protest to Marimekko founder Armi Ratia Forbidding Marimekko designers from creating floral prints as she felt that flowers would always look more beautiful in nature.

So whether you plan on trekking through some snow on the city streets or are just heading out for a brisk walk, Converse has got you covered with a collection that is sure to work with whatever your style while keeping you and your feet styling in these cold months.

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– Josh Cawston

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