TORONTO FASHION WEEK: Get Swept Away With Korhani

Every season there is always one show that everyone awaits with bated breath to see. That usually falls on Kirsten Korhani and her wide variety of outfits and styles made from Korhani Rugs.

This season we were swept away to a Mexican fiesta and the roaring ’20’s, among other themes. A wide variety of colours and techniques are used to bring these outfits to life. A vibrant palette of greens, yellows, reds and warm indigos were used to create dresses for the women and jackets for the men. Never one to disappoint, Korhani paired two of her models with live parrots, which instantly won the

crowd over and had just as much personality and flare as their model counter-parts

The ’20’s and The Great Gatsby were in attendance, flappers were represented with fringed rugs offering fluid motion for a night of dancing while a large black and cream rug was used to create a man’s suit jacket with large notched lapels. It was great to see the models expressing the fun and playful nature of ’20’s socialite’s. When the models are having fun down the runway (you can see it on their faces), you know you have an amazing show truly enjoyed by all.

Now that this season’s showing is over we can only wait to see what  wild and imaginative ways they transform ordinary house rugs into true works of art. We sent our own Vanessa Cioffi backstage to talk with the designer herself for a few minutes about her collection and the inspiration behind it. You’ll never look at a rug the same way again.

– Josh Cawston

Photography: George Pimentel

Backstage with Kirsten Korhani

It’s all about prints, colour and vintage luxury in the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection by Kirsten Korhani. Korhani tells us how her inspiration came from a Coyoacan painter named Frida Kahlo, who was known as one of Mexico’s most famous female painters. The collection incorporated a fusion of twenties style and authentic mexico bringing together a collection that is fitting to many different decor styles and household trends. Korhani describes her spring/summer collection as being sexy and feminine using a vivid colour pallet that compliments each design both on and off the runway.

– Vanessa Cioffi

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