FASHION: Playing in the Park with Bad Etiquette

Christie Pits park is the heart of the neighbourhood that I live in. Watching the colours of the canopy shift from green to the many hues indicative of Fall, I figured the crowds I’ve grown used to seeing in the park would start to thin out with the leaves falling. Contrarily, the park is just as busy as it was in the July heat. People are still out maximizing their time outdoors despite the fact that the days are getting shorter.

Toronto brand Bad Etiquette and their “Chief Rocka” Lionel Wong are on board with the spirit in the park.  “In my late 20s, I had a serious battle with cancer and had to go through intense chemo and radiation therapy,” said Wong. “Having come our of this victorious, I found a new outlook on life, a new found appreciation, and I never hesitate to seize the day.”


Vegan Leather Jacket, Le Chateau // Cotton T-Shirt, Bad Etiquette // Denim Pants, Zara // Cotton Scarf, H&M // Leather Clutch, Refinery Vintage // Running Shoes with High Shine Laces, Converse 

So, in that spirit I rocked the HOODLM tee in black on black for a day out in Christie Pits. Layered with a warm scarf and a light jacket we kicked through leaves and enjoyed the outdoors on a beautiful Toronto day. Bad Etiquette has a bunch of Fall tees with funky phrases and minimal design, perfect for a hip layered outfit. Support your local hustler and check out Bad Etiquette’s fall styles!

 – Nicole Edwards

Photos Courtesy of Kaitlin Bardswich

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