#SEexperiences: An Aerial Yoga #BenchAdventure

I love an adventure. In the past few years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to live out a few of my own, whether it be riding sand dunes in the Sahara or zip-lining through the Monteverde Cloud Forest. So when Bench challenged me to aerial yoga, there was no other choice but to accept!
Style Empire - Chenessa Lam, MoroccoStyle Empire - Chenessa Lam, Costa Rica

I’ve done yoga before and even hot yoga, but aerial yoga is a whole other ball game. I was decked out in Bench and ready for #myBenchAdventure. As you would expect, this isn’t quite your typical yoga studio. At FLY Studio on Queen St. West, a silk hammock is used and movements are predominantly Asana yoga, which can be taken to another level because of the assistance of the silk. Our class was relatively small with only eight students. For most of us, it was a new experience but it was memorable to say the least. We stretched, flexed, bent and experienced savasana like never before – I even managed to squeeze in a few laughs and a selfie!
Style Empire - My Bench Adventure, Aerial YogaStyle Empire - Bench AdventureStyle Empire - My Bench Adventure, Aerial Yoga StretchStyle Empire - My Bench Adventure, Aerial Yoga DancerStyle Empire - My Bench Adventure, Aerial Yoga FunStyle Empire - My Bench Adventure

Aerial yoga was definitely a blast but don’t let me have all of the fun. Bench is challenging you to win a trip for two to Whistler! For full details make your way to Bench.ca/contest. It’s your turn to have your very own #BenchAdventure.

– Chenessa Lam

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