LIFESTYLE: Get Your Body Summer Ready

Was your new year’s resolution to get into the gym? After the gluttonous indulgence of the holiday season, that was mine. I signed up, took classes, did weights, and actually ended up loving the feeling of a good work out more than I ever thought I would. As time passed however, I noticed the gradual absence of familiar faces and suddenly I was one of the few people in a change room that was buzzing with women after a morning class just a few short weeks earlier. Now that winter coats are coming off and the season for flaunting what you’ve got is right around the corner, it’s time to get back into the rhythm of taking care of our bodies. I have a few secrets up my sleeve for anyone who may have – ahem – misplaced their gym pass some time over the last few months. Here are 3 great ways to help supplement your workout routine and make you look your best.

1) Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses aren’t a quick-fix weight loss plan, but they do wonders to help give your digestive tract a rest if you’ve been indulging in foods or drinks that aren’t particularly kind to your insides. Juices are packed with nutrients and vitamins and if you consume only the juice for a few days, your body gets to absorb all of that good stuff without going through the exertion of digesting solids. Juice Matters ( is one of my go-to teams of health gurus (you should consult a nutritionist before diving in to your first cleanse). They have great flavours, a friendly team who is happy to take your questions, and all of their juice is cold pressed to ensure your body receives as much as possible from the juices you’re using as meal replacements. Juicing will help you shake your junk food cravings and get you back on track with your fitness goals.

2) Healthy Teas

For those who aren’t quite ready to jump into a full-blown juice cleanse, healthy teas are an easy and gentle way to cleanse your body and regulate your system and decrease bloating in between workouts. They’re really a no-fuss health boost: have a cup with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you’re all set. The Teatox Company ( is a smart place to start. They have yummy flavours of organic tea formulated by naturopaths to give a gentle kickstart to the system without the harsh laxatives that a lot of other tea cleanses include in their blends.

3) Hydration

The simple secret to a fit physique is something we all know is we should do but so often fail to: hydrate! If you’re not the type who enjoys a plain and simple glass of water, trick yourself into drinking more fluid by spicing up your options. Perrier L’Orange has become a permanent fixture at my work station lately; it has no sugar, no calories, gentle carbonation to soothe the stomach and a great citrus flavour that makes getting your daily dose of liquids less of a chore. Plus the PET bottles that Perrier uses are 100% recyclable so you can drink as many as you want guilt free. Since they come in 1L you don’t have to worry about counting your cups either. A few bottles a day will put you well on your way to enjoying the physical benefits of being well hydrated.

Let us know what your favourite fitness secrets are!

– Nicole Edwards


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