LIFESTYLE: Mix Things Up & Cool Things Down

Summer is officially upon us and there’s no better way to cool down and chill out than with a cup of cold tea. Whether you’re using your favourite loose leaf blend or wanting to try a new summer taste it’s the best way to make the best out of your summer days.

Thinking of trying a fresh new taste? Well, we have just the right summery blends for you with the new Teas To Ice by David’s Tea. These delicious new cold tea flavours are bursting with flavours which is exactly what we need in the heat. Try cooling down your favourite flavour and adding fresh and tasty ingredients with these three easy-to-do at home.


Teas To Ice, $12, David’s Tea

Step One: Steep the tea of your choice in a kettle or pot. Once that’s done, poor it into your favourites glass pitcher.


Step Two: Add ice and sliced fruits, berries or mint leaves to complement the flavours in your tea.


Step Three: Let your tea chill for about 10-15 minutes and enjoy!


For even more blasting flavours and excitement at your Summer BBQ try mixing things up by adding different flavours and fresh cut fruit together. This delightful cold tea beverage is perfect for all of your Summer gatherings with friends and family and is sure to quickly become the talk of the yard!

– Vanessa Cioffi

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