LIFESTYLE: Indigo Has It All For Fall

For the past few years, Indigo has been revamping its in-store offerings to great affect. The ethos: less books and more of everything else. Although it still packs plenty of bestsellers on its shelves, it’s not just a bookstore; it aspires to be a lifestyle emporium. And customers like what they see.

indigo fall 2015 a

Since fall is a season that makes most people living in the northern hemisphere want to cocoon and cuddle, a lot of product is designed with that in mind.

When speaking of fashion, a feather motif and vintage-like blooms in greyed-out tones are common threads among the popular in-house line of bags and pochettes. Pops of cranberry, teal and lime are found on soft, linen-like scarves. And for those who wish to jot down a few notes, the expansive line of paper products (so many notebooks!) will make anyone want to write without the use of a digital tablet.

indigo fall 2015 b

For the home, there are knit pillows and blankets that won’t ever leave your side. And to set the table for autumn, the look is rustic rather than pristine. Black plates replace white ones and polished surfaces have been swapped for matte finishes. The housewares make anyone want to have home cooked meals (or a potluck, if inviting family and friends over). Don’t want to make dessert? Indigo also has some prepared mixes and teas that will make entertaining a breeze.

indigo fall 2015 c

With so many categories on offer, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find shelves being cleaned out due to customer demand. Which reminds me, I have to buy a few books…

– Steven Carver

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