Have you ever wanted to go skydiving but often wondered why jump out of a perfectly good air plane, or wished you could practice just one time before the big jump, or maybe you’ve never even wanted to jump but you’ve always wondered what the feeling of pure freedom felt like. Well, being an adrenaline junkie like myself, I’ve wanted all of the above which brought along my most recent hobby and new 2016 addiction, indoor skydiving.


The experience begins with a short class where you will learn a few best practices to remember during your flight. With the dome being quite loud it’s hard to follow direction which is why you will be taught a few basic sign language symbols to be able to adjust your movements to get the best out of your flight. After you’ve learnt to keep your chin up, hips forward and most importantly to stay relaxed you’ll be ready to dive in and soar away.









Once you’ve experienced indoor skydiving and have mastered a few basic moves you are ready to move onto the next step, this is where you choose to jump out of and air plane or continue to learn indoor skills that can make your experience and flights worth watching. Try flipping, swirling and soaring through the air by signing up for classes where you will learn all the skills needed to fly like a pro.

Get ready to defy the law of gravity and take the next flight out to enjoying your newest hobby and crushing all of your fears of being off solid ground.

For more information on iFly Toronto go to,  iflytoronto.com.  

– Vanessa Cioffi

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