#SETRAVELS: When Plan A Doesn’t Work, It’s Time for Plan B

While I typically do a write-up post-travels, this time I’m going to try something different. I’m going to blog as I travel, with shorter posts but (hopefully) more comprehensive.

The initial plan was to visit my sister in Australia. She has spent the past two years travelling, starting in Nepal and working east (mainly in Southeast Asia) and when she ran out of money, she applied for a work visa and landed a 9-5 job in Australia. The kicker is, once her work visa expired, she was denied a tourist visa. Now onto Plan B.

We didn’t have a Plan B.

While Facetiming, my sister was freaking out and to calm her nerves I jokingly said, “ah well, worst case scenario, we can go to Sri Lanka.” She worries enough for the both of us, and this just seemed like the right thing to say. After doing some research and looking into our options (we wanted to go somewhere neither of us have visited before), we decided on Plan B. So now, we’re going to Sri Lanka!

Just south of India in the middle of the Indian Ocean lies Sri Lanka, an island that boasts history, culture, rainforests, beaches and the home of Ceylon tea. I have three and half weeks in this beautiful country and can’t wait to get lost and explore.

As I hurriedly type this, my name is being announced on the airport intercom, “this is the final call for boarding. Chenessa Lam, your flight is fully boarded and ready to go.” So here goes, Sri Lanka, we’re coming for you!


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– Chenessa Lam

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