#SETRAVELS: In-Flight Skin Saviours

One of the downsides of travel is the havoc it wreaks on your body. The combination of altitude, airplane air and reduced oxygen are a recipe for unhappy skin. Luckily, I packed the perfect skincare essentials for my 14 hour overseas journey.

The best thing for your flight will be good ol’ H2O. Yes, it may mean that you’ll need to suck it up and use that tiny airplane lavatory but without it, you won’t be adequately hydrated. Aside from a bottle of water, there are a few skin essentials I packed for the trip (and more specifically the plane ride over).

Skin Secrets

I recently fell in love with Ole Henriksen and his range of products. This Scandinavian skincare expert offers a collection to suit any and all of your skincare needs. For my trip, I packed two of my favourites: Grease Relief Cleansing Cloths, which cleanse, exfoliate and refine pores, and Sheer Transformation, an oil-free moisturizer complete with Vitamin C and licorice root. Both products are ideal for any type of skin and can be packed easily for the road. Just remember that if you’re taking any liquids and gels on the plane, they must be under 100ml, otherwise they’ll be confiscated – and trust me, you don’t want that.

About 10 hours into the journey (and right about when boredom kicked in), I decided to try a face mask. Sheet masks are great for keeping your skin fresh on flights and I managed to find one from Sephora that doesn’t require rinsing off. Just apply, leave-on, remove and massage the rest of the product into your skin.

Skin SecretsSkin Secrets

Airplane air is dry and dehydrating but with the right tools, you can arm your skin and save it from the effects of altitude. The combination of the products above (and maybe an extra boost of hydration from coconut water), I kept my skin soft and hydrated – while also resembling Michael Myers – all flight long!

– Chenessa Lam

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