LIFE: Get Moving with MEC

Once the whether cools off, the desire to hibernate is stronger than ever (believe me, my spirit animal must be a bear), but instead of giving in, find something to keep you motivated. For me, that’s usually something fun and with a friend, or as I’d like to call them “accountability partners”.

I recently checked out MEC’s Outdoornation Think Outside Summit where MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-Op) encouraged attendees to submit ideas to get people outside. The program offers funding, mentorship and support to enable leaders to inspire others (and we even learned how to slackline!). The goal is to get people outside and get them moving.


Aside from the Think Outside Summit, MEC’s Outdoornation works with local collaborators to organize events like Chasing the Sunrise (which includes sunrise hikes, secret camp-outs and yoga sessions), Les Chèvres de Montagne (encouraging females to climb and camp) and Surf the Greats (where you can surf the Great Lakes). It’s a great way to keep active while also trying something new and maybe even outside your comfort zone. Either way, it’ll be an experience to add to the books. MEC Outdoornation, their collaborators and their events can be found at


Aside from MEC Outdoornation, MEC locations also offer activities (which vary depending on location) such as meet-up runs, digital navigation, bear awareness and you can even witness a polar bear migration – you just have to be in Mantioba for that one! Check out MEC’s events at

If you need some motivation, here it is! MEC is striving to get people active and their goal is to create events that “make it impossible for you to bail”. I don’t know about you, but I’m in. Instead of channeling your inner bear, sign yourself and maybe even your accountability partner, the adventurer in you will thank you for it.

– Chenessa Lam

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