#SELIVES: Stay Hydrated with Thirsty Buddha

29th March 2017

After just returning from a quick trip down south, I noticed that my hair and skin aren’t adjusting well to the dry Canadian air. With our temperamental weather comes temperamental skin, which currently feels drier than the desert. Aside from a plethora of serums and moisturizers, I’m also trying to nourish my skin from within. Right now, I’m reaching for my Thirsty Buddha coconut water.


I am obsessed with coconut water. Not only is it refreshing but it’s also packed with beneficial properties. I usually reach for my coconut water post-workout but with weather like this, it’s my hydration go-to. With its many vitamins and minerals, coconut water helps regulate the body temperature, alleviate dry skin and chapped lips and because it prevents dehydration, it can can increase your immune system, mood and energy levels. Coconut water is also yummy and low calorie, and with Thirsty Buddha you can also mix it up with their newest flavour, watermelon coconut water.


Keeping your skin happy in the summer months is easy, now comes the hard part. I’ve already swapped my “lightweight” moisturizer for my “ultra hydration” one, now I just have to reach for my coconut water to keep my skin hydrated and happy from within.

– Chenessa Lam

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