TRAVEL: A Quick Jaunt to the Mayan Riviera

With hectic lifestyles, sometimes you just need some R&R. What better way to relax than to hop on a plane down south and soak in some sun. So that’s exactly what I did, but unlike most of my trips, where I venture off the beaten path, this trip was a calmer one. I just soaked in some sun, devoured fresh seafood and admired the endless views of the turquoise sea.


Our destination for a few days was The Viceroy in the Mayan Riviera. After an effortless 3.5hr flight from Toronto to Cancun, we took a taxi to The Viceroy, just 40 minutes away from Cancun International Airport. Unlike other resorts, which are busy and often chaotic, The Viceroy is the perfect place to relax with its 41 private villas, white sand beaches and calming jungle ambiance.

Upon arrival, all of our stresses and worries were lifted with a Mayan Blessing performed by the Mayan shaman on site, who blessed us with copal, a natural Mayan herb known for its healing properties. After our blessing, we were shown to our private villa, complete with a private patio, plunge pool and even an outdoor shower. Once we were settled in, we made our way to the beach!


The views from The Viceroy were simply splendid. But it wasn’t just the beaches that offered natural beauty but also the pathways and surroundings. At any point in time, you could walk through the property and be enveloped by the lush, jungle like surroundings. If you looked up, you might even spot a spider monkey or two just hanging out in the trees. I was often up at sunrise so I caught sight of many spider monkeys (for some reason, they’re only around in the mornings) who were fun and friendly and just wanted to hang around to say hi.


When I wasn’t by the beach, I was wandering the property and found myself in the spa, fitness centre and even their outdoor paint studio. Although the goal was R&R, sometimes it’s fun to do a few activities. The restaurants (there were two on-site) also offered different themes every night, which varied from Mexican street food to beach barbecues. If you didn’t want to eat at The Viceroy, you could hop into a cab and find yourself in Playa Del Carmen, a coastal town, just 15 minutes away. In Playa del Carmen, you could wander their main street, Fifth Avenue, where there is no shortage of shops, restaurants and bars.


Although the weather was windy, it was still better than the frigid temperatures of Toronto. Sometimes you just need a quick escape, and this was the perfect place to do it. Once we soaked in a few days worth of Mexican sunshine, ate seafood to our hearts content and were satisfied with our wildlife interactions, we hopped on a plane and made our way back to reality (aka Toronto). For those that want some peace and quiet (or just their own private villa), a quick jaunt down to The Viceroy in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera is a great way to get your dose of Vitamin D.

– Chenessa Lam

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