Style Empire aims to inspire, inform and entertain our readers. Our goal is to keep our readers in-the-know on topics such as: fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and culture. Covering everything from fashion weeks to travel photo diaries, we enjoy connecting and interacting with our readers.

Our Team:

Chenessa Lam, Editor
Contributing to the fashion industry in print editorial, online retail, advertising and social media, Chenessa loves to experiment with style and trends. Aside from her love of fashion and beauty, she also has a case of terminal wanderlust.
Where to spot her: Often in another city or country.
chenessa@styleempire.ca, @misschenessa

Tse Daniel, Director
With a background in design and photography, Tse focuses on Style Empire’s marketing strategy, technical development and online coordination.
Where to spot him: Behind a lens or somewhere on a snowboard.
tsedaniel@styleempire.ca, @tsedaniel

Vanessa Cioffi, Editor
Vanessa’s passion for fashion started while working with major fashion brands and completing her BA in English and Writing at York University. After spending some time travelling and becoming more involved in the industry her passions have naturally lead her to her love for beauty and health. With an eye for trends, Vanessa incorporates style effortlessly into everyday life, both online and off.
Where to spot her: Fashion Week, photo shoots and fashion and beauty events.
vanessa@styleempire.ca, @nessycioffi

Nicole Edwards, Lifestyle Editor
As a true lover of the arts, Nicole can be spotted anywhere from gallery openings to music festivals. She is also known for missing her stop time and again for getting lost in a good magazine.
Where to spot her: Most hip hop shows, her favourite genre since it plays to her love of words.
nicole@styleempire.ca, @nic_416