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#WMCFW Fall/Winter 2015 – Mackage

Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy, creative directors of the coveted brand Mackage, are the only team in the world that could possibly make me look forward to winter. The thought of repeating the horrifying freeze Toronto just went through is completely unbearable with one strict exception. I was introduced that one-off miracle at World Mastercard Fashion Week, day 3. The only way to face Jack Frost again is draped in Mackage’s Fall/Winter 2015 line. Whip him away with Mackage’s long leather tassels, melt him with their deep red hues, and cast him out in from behind their dramatic, opulent furs.

MACKAGE-1 MACKAGE-2 MACKAGE-3 MACKAGE-4 MACKAGE-5 MACKAGE-6 MACKAGE-7 MACKAGE-8 MACKAGE-9 MACKAGE-10 MACKAGE-11 MACKAGE-12 MACKAGE-13 MACKAGE-14 MACKAGE-15 MACKAGE-16 MACKAGE-17 MACKAGE-18 MACKAGE-19 MACKAGE-20 MACKAGE-21 MACKAGE-22 MACKAGE-23 MACKAGE-24 MACKAGE-25 MACKAGE-26 MACKAGE-27 MACKAGE-28 MACKAGE-29 MACKAGE-30 MACKAGE-31 MACKAGE-32 MACKAGE-33 MACKAGE-34 MACKAGE-35 MACKAGE-36 MACKAGE-37 MACKAGE-38 MACKAGE-39 MACKAGE-40 MACKAGE-41 MACKAGE-42 MACKAGE-43 MACKAGE-44 MACKAGE-45 MACKAGE-46 MACKAGE-47 MACKAGE-48 MACKAGE-49 MACKAGE-50 MACKAGE-51 MACKAGE-52 MACKAGE-53 MACKAGE-54 MACKAGE-55 MACKAGE-56 MACKAGE-57 MACKAGE-58 MACKAGE-59 MACKAGE-60 MACKAGE-61 MACKAGE-62 MACKAGE-63 MACKAGE-64 MACKAGE-65 MACKAGE-66 MACKAGE-67 MACKAGE-68 MACKAGE-69 MACKAGE-70 MACKAGE-71 MACKAGE-72 MACKAGE-73 MACKAGE-74 MACKAGE-75 MACKAGE-76 MACKAGE-77 MACKAGE-78 MACKAGE-79 MACKAGE-80 MACKAGE-81 MACKAGE-82 MACKAGE-83 MACKAGE-84 MACKAGE-85 MACKAGE-86 MACKAGE-87 MACKAGE-88 MACKAGE-89 MACKAGE-90 MACKAGE-91 MACKAGE-92 MACKAGE-93 MACKAGE-94 MACKAGE-95 MACKAGE-96 MACKAGE-97 MACKAGE-98 MACKAGE-99 MACKAGE-100 MACKAGE-101 MACKAGE-102 MACKAGE-103 MACKAGE-104 MACKAGE-105 MACKAGE-106 MACKAGE-107 MACKAGE-108 MACKAGE-109 MACKAGE-110 MACKAGE-111 MACKAGE-112 MACKAGE-113 MACKAGE-114 MACKAGE-115 MACKAGE-116 MACKAGE-117 MACKAGE-118 MACKAGE-119 MACKAGE-120 MACKAGE-121Mackage for Fall/Winter 2015 is preparing wearers for stylish, outdoor winter fun (albeit more for those who prefer the chalet to the slopes). Quilted snow pants with draped suspenders for him, and asymmetrical leather skirts under fur lined bombers for her. Paired with the classically gorgeous leather accessories, whether backpacks or purses are your style, there’s no way you can go wrong in Mackage this winter.

– Nicole Edwards

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