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#SESTYLE: Festival Fever

Summer is all about heat and why not celebrate it with a festival day? We are all about the festivals from the music to the style. If you’re trying to figure out what to wear, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and smart.

The weather is heating up and there is nothing worse than being outdoors and extremely hot! Sometimes when you hear the word “simple” you may think dull and boring – but we are not about that. You can still have fun with your look without breaking the bank or dying of heat stroke. Wearing a loosely fitted dress is an easy way to look great and feel cool, lighter colours also help the cause. For your feet, you definitely want to try and avoid white shoes (grass stains and all), instead go for a darker tone, maybe even a pair of huaraches…


Linen Dress, $80, Jcrew // Sunglasses, $139, TOMS // Leather Flats, $140, TOMS

Whether you’re heading for the festivals, packing for a weekend away, having lunch in the city or simply enjoying festival season remember to keep it smart and simple this season while still looking chic.

– Vanessa Cioffi

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LIFESTYLE: Time Festival Hits Toronto

Toronto’s jam-packed summer events calendar can be dizzying to keep on top of. To keep you in the loop with where to be, we’ve been giving backgrounders on the best festivals the city has to offer from the high energy Apex Tour to the culture soaked Luminato festival. Next up, Embrace Presents Time Festival on July 19th at the Fort York Garrison Commons.


I am personally really looking forward to this year’s lineup,  though two acts stand out to me the most. There’s R&B infused dance tunes with mass appeal by Montreal’s remix king Kaytranada. Chef-turned-rap star Action Bronson will also be hitting the stage. Bronson, the New Yorker many of us initially mistook for Ghostface Killah (that is, before we saw him) is one of the more interesting rap characters we’ve seen recently. Check out the food series he did with Vice for a taste of his delicious eccentricity.

Other highlights of the setlist include Canada’s own Grimes, as well as beat maker Sango, alongside summer-breezy electronic instrumentals from Flume.


While you could go pick up tickets at Rotate This or Soundscapes, you could also let your fingers do the walking and enter our giveaway below. We have two pairs of tickets to give away, and you have 48 hours to snag them!

Send your name along with the name of your special guest to info@styleempire.ca . Our draw happens Friday at 12 PM! 

The Style Empire team will be there the day of looking to connect with our most stylish readers. Stay tuned for a photo diary of the event next week.

See you Saturday!


– Nicole Edwards

Images courtesy of Hype Track and Sancor

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LIFESTYLE: Let Your Senses be Your Guide at Luminato Festival

We’re half way through Luminato – have you taken advantage yet? If the first portion of the ten day festival breezed by before you had a chance to soak it in, don’t worry. There’s still plenty left worth seeing! The 7 year old event series, home-based in Toronto’s David Pecaut Square (and sprawled throughout the city) is a testament to an ability to blend cultures, music, dance and good fun in a way that is uniquely Torontonian. In the spirit of curiosity and positive expression, Luminato appeals to all the senses in what seems like an effort to make sure that those from all walks of life have a reason to get involved. Building on the idea of something for everyone, we’ve broken down the festival by senses. Everyone uses them to get around, and everyone has their most trusted of the five. Pick your favourite sense and see what we think Luminato has done to pique it through this year’s festival.

1. SIGHT: Take On Me TAKEONME From the first train on Friday morning to the end of subway service, Luminato will be commandeering the underground’s screens. Curated by PATTISON Onestop in conjunction with the festival, the news blasts we’re used to seeing will be replaced by local artists taking part in a non-verbal tête-à-tête. The artist from abroad films a representation of their work, to which a home-based artist talks back, also through film. The mini-clips will air every ten minutes at stations across all the lines of the TTC.

2. TASTE: The Lost Train TheLostTrain   Kid Koala, née Eric San, is a venerable homegrown talent who has tried his hand at everything from turntables to graphic novels. Only San, alongside Montreal Chef Fred Morin, would be cool enough to be a strong contender in all 5 of our sense categories with one event. The Lost Train, serving groups of only eight at a time, explores the universally familiar limbo that is being in transit. What’s more, it highlights the creative potentialities of mindfulness that can come from being on your way, but not quite anywhere. Morin serves up food and drinks while Kid Koala does whatever he chooses to bless you with that day. Thursday, Various Times at Fairmont Royal York (Paid)

3. TOUCH: Cardboard Beach

PhotoGrid_1402541079457When I walked in to this ridiculously amazing cardboard beach scene, the first thing I did was run my fingers along a big, playfully askew beach umbrella. Yes, my touch confirmed that not only did it look like the soft back to a pad of construction paper, but it was in fact genuinely made of cardboard. There’s also beach tower, lounge chairs, and geo-patterned statues made of the same. The Cuban duo called Los Carpinteros made a perfectly interesting yet functional place for Luminato-goers to take a load off between event hopping.

Ongoing, Festival Hub at David Pecaut Square (Free) 

4. SMELL: Keihl’s, Vichy, and L’Oréal Paris

Luminato 2013. Kiels_event

Kiehl’s, L’Oréal Paris, Vichy: despite the obvious likenesses, we’ve all learned to test and understand which skin care products from each line are our favourites. Since we carry their scent on us all day, it’s fair to say each person’s favourite product can be attributed to the wearer’s favourite armoas. Often, the first thing I do when I find a new product is give it a quick sniff. Is it fruity? Musk? Scentless? Visit the Eaton Centre or the Festival Hub and align your favourite finds with your unique sense of scent.

Various Times, Festival Hub at David Pecaut Square, Eaton Centre (Free) 

5. HEAR: Toronto Symphony OrchestraTSO

Luminato festival is the reason The Roots, The Roots, TV on the Radio, Ziggy Marley, are in Toronto this week, and we thank them for all of the above and more. For something a little off the beaten path, try seeing an evening performance by the  Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thompson Hall, where an acoustic ode to the tech pioneers in Silicone Valley is what to expect for the evening. Then, just as R. Kelly predicted, they’ll take the party to the venue lobby, where you can meet the performers.

10 PM, Roy Thomson Hall, Saturday

Let us know how you spent the final days of Luminato!

– Nicole Edwards

Photos Courtesy of www.luminatofestival.com

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LIFESTYLE: Kultura Festival Brings the Heat With Filipino Street Food Battle

There’s no better way to learn what someone’s all about than to share a meal. So, it’s no wonder Kultura, the annual Filipino arts festival, made food and drink the main attraction for the final day of festival fun. Style Empire was lucky enough to be in attendance at Wychwood Barns, where “Food Passports” gave us an all-access look at what Filipino street food has to offer. We mixed and mingled with a charming group of vendors, took in music and crafts, and of course, stuffed ourselves silly.

If there’s one thing we can all appreciate about Filipino food in the summertime, it’s that they’re absolute masters behind the BBQ. Paired with refreshing, creative summer juices (honeydew melon juice was a hit) and hot sunshine, the street food battle lasted throughout the day. Votes were cast for the favourite booths and dishes. Inside the venue, craftspeople of all sorts tied to the community sold a wide range of goods: from vintage typewriters to edgy, punky-chic and hand crafted jewelry. VINTA debuted modern versions of tradition Filipino dress and San Miguel brews put everyone in a dancing mood.

Our vote for runaway dish of the evening was definitely the Silong Sliders by Kenneth Envidia. The slider was comprised of Longganisa (Filipino sausage), duck egg, and tomato served on Puto (a mouth-watering, coconut steamed cake). In its eighth year running, Kultura breathes a youthful energy into traditions from another place, making them relevant and exciting in the downtown core – right here, right now.

– Nicole Edwards

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FASHION: Festival Favourites for Osheaga 2013

This upcoming weekend, thousands are attending Canada’s largest music festival in Montreal. Osheaga is sold out this season but for those who have their tickets in hand, get ready for three days of sunshine and sweet jams.

Whether you’re new to the festival scene, or a seasoned veteran, we’re sure you’ll appreciate some of our favourite festival picks. Prints, fringe and washed denim are always in the mix. Get your outfits ready, start counting down and prepare to dance the night away.

From left to right:
100% Polyester Scarf, $7.95, H&M.

Faux-Leather Fringe Shoulder Bag, $40, ALDO.
Bamboo Tank, $65, Don’t Blow the Illusion by Robin Waters at Homegrown Boutique.
Viscose and Elastane Navajo Aztec Leggings, $36, TOPSHOP at The Bay.
100% Cotton Denim Vest, $85, Talula at Aritzia.
Cowhide Suede Moccasin, $69, Manitobah Mukluks.

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