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FASHION: Oversized Comfort for Fall

Bye bye summer heat, hello cool autumn air! I’ll take the crisp air over humidity any day, but it does make it quite a feat to get out of bed in the mornings. I’ve found the solution: oversized knitwear. It’s comfy, it’s cozy and if you find the right pieces, they can wrap you up in warmth all day.

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Acrylic Crop Sweater, River Island // Denim Skinny Jeans, Second Yoga Jeans // Wool Hat, H&M // Oversized Acrylic Scarf, H&M // Vegan Leather Tote, Nella Bella // Suede Shoes, Topshop

So it might not be time for the oversized wool sweater – yet. But with the chilly evenings, I’m breaking out the oversized scarf. Knitwear, whether it be a cardigan, sweater, scarf or toque, is a cold weather staple. This scarf is one of my absolute favourites because it is gigantic and versatile. You can wrap it up as a poncho, belt it like a cardigan or wear it as I did, just as a scarf. Knits are great for layering and can be teamed up with almost anything (try denim or leather for a contrast in textures). This fall, it’s pretty safe to say that when the mercury drops, oversized comfort is in.

– Chenessa Lam

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FASHION |FAT| David C Wigley's Horror Stories

There are a million ways to tell the same story. Alfred Hitchcock, master of fright and mystery, was an acclaimed director who exercised his genius on many young actors and actresses of his day. His films became instantly iconic and the fashion featured in them was no exception. The beautiful Ingrid Bergman, sensual Kim Novak, and unforgettable Grace Kelly were all leading women in a Hitchcock flick. Dapper Carry Grant and James Mason were also Hitchcock film stars who pushed fashion to a new realm. Now, enter David C. Wigley, a 5 year veteran and staple at Fashion Art Toronto (FAT).

Opening the show with scenes from all of Hitchcock’s best work, the  eponymous collection Wigley created wove the gore and mystery of Hitchcock’s visions into beautiful clothing and an unforgettable runway show. Some outfits were pictures of the 1950s, smart tailoring and bee hive hair. Others featured brightly coloured knits and matching pantsuits. The grand finale was a woman in a very Carrie-esque prom dress, a sky-reaching flurry of red material on her shoulder (read: blood), and teary-eyed raccoon makeup. She did look quite convincingly like a pretty version of someone who had just set her school on fire. WORTH was an imaginative homage to tastemakers of old that Hitchcock likely would have approved.

– Nicole Edwards (Photos courtesy of Michael Ho www.michoho.com)

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