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BEAUTY: Get The Custom Look with INNI Nails


Attention beauty lovers, have you every imagined what having the perfect nails would look like to you? Well, now you can create it by using a new advanced graphic technology that will allow beauty gurus to design their own nail stickers or select from thousands of other creators designs with high fashion shapes, stunning colours, logos and personal photos. It’s simple to make everything and anything possible with INNI Nails.




In the fashion world being creative, eye catching and unique is exactly what will make you the talk of the town and there is no better way to stand out in a crowd than to go wearing something custom that no one else will have because it’s completely you from tips to toes. Nail art has become the perfect polishing top to any look for fashion and beauty lovers across the globe and what better way to accessorize your look than with the latest in nail fashion, INNI Nails. These customizable nail wraps are a new way to achieve a flawless manicure in less that 5 minutes with less than $10.



These custom and brilliant nail stickers are similar to gel but better with it’s extremely durable, chemical free and flexible vinyl these wraps can be stretched to cover the entire nail surface or peeled off to reposition if need be. The long lasting, no peeling, no chipping technology will have you customizing and creating a flawless, wrinkle-free manicure every time. Design your own custom look at www.inni.com for a fresh, new and exciting look for summer.

– Vanessa Cioffi

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BEAUTY: DIY Mani at essie’s beach house at Luminato

Ready for summer? Because we are – okay, let’s be honest, we’ve been ready since last September. Nothing says summer like the beach and last week, essie invited us to their Luminato beach house for a DIY nail tutorial with lead nail artist Rita Remark (pictured below).
Nail art is sure to complete any summer look. Remark shows us a quick and easy beach-inspired mani with the use of a few nail colours and no need for tools. But before you paint on the colours, you need the proper foundation. Remark suggests filing your nails and applying a thin base coat, we used essie’s First Base Top Coat. Once that’s done, it’s time to pick out the colours.
Remark created the look with Sand Tropez, white and blue where the neutral looks like the beach and the blue looks like waves rolling in. I created the same look but with different colours. I wanted something more vibrant and went with Sand Tropez (base colour), Naughty Nautical (first wave) and Aruba Blue (second wave). To create this look, just follow the steps below.

1. File and paint your nails with a thin top coat.
2. Pick your three colours and paint the lightest colour on your whole nail (this becomes the base colour). Paint two coats and let it dry.
3. This is where the nail art comes into play. Grab your second colour (the second lightest) and paint lines from mid-nail to the top, stagger the lines to create the waves (check out the short video below!). Remark explains, “the trick to this is having the right amount of nail polish on your brush. Make sure there’s only polish on one side of the brush so it doesn’t glob or spill onto the rest of your nail.”
4. Repeat step 3 with the darkest colour but a few millimetres closer to the top of the nail, so you can see all three colours.
5. Let it dry. Apply a top coat, quick dry drops and cuticle oil (optional). And voila!

If you’re feeling ambitious, this can be done with all ten nails. Another option is to pick an accent nail and just do one (this also makes it easier when you use your non-dominant hand). I found that after the first few nails, it was getting easier. By the tenth nail I was almost a pro.

Thank you Rita Remark and essie for the DIY tutorial. Now that our nails are done and we’re beach ready, it’s time to grab the bikini and soak up some sun!

– Chenessa Lam

Top three photos courtesy of Stefania Yarhi

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TRAVEL: Live It To Believe It in Los Cabos, Mexico

After a long and frigid winter there is no better feeling then to pack up and take off, leaving your cares of everyday life behind. Where the Sea of Cortés meets the Pacific Ocean, get ready to fall in love with a luxury destination that is relaxing, rejuvenating and revelry.
Located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula in the state of Baja California Sur and comprised primarily of the towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo is Los Cabos. It goes without question that my recent vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico has now been labeled one on the best trips I have organized thus far. Being a lover for travel, sight seeing and delicious food, I have already been searching out when I can make my return to the sunny and vibrant destination of Los Cabos. From authentic food to relaxation and breathtaking sights to amazing nightlife, Los Cabos is the perfect destination to get away, relax and enjoy. Whether you’re enjoying your all-inclusive resort by the poolside or walking the vibrant streets in the town, there is always something to fill your days and nights with excitement and indulgence.
What To Pack
It’s all about packing the necessities first, in my case, I had a lot of necessities but here are a few that I simply couldn’t leave home without.
Sunscreen: be sure to pack something with a high SPF to protect you from a major sunburn. My favourite is Hawiian Tropic Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance, it is soft and smooth with a shimmer that leaves your skin looking golden and protected from the sun.
Nails: I love wearing vibrant nail colours that pair perfectly with every outfit to save me from switching during my stay. My choices for Cabo were Strut Your Stuff and Haute In The Heat by Essie. To save your nails all vacation long try Essie All In One base and top coat to help strengthen and lengthen the look of your mani and pedi.
Footwear: Be sure to pack comfy and conveniently footwear. It’s important to bring a pair of shoes that are suitable for both day and night, try the TOMS Correa Sandals in Chambray. These are perfect to match with any outfit and can easily be dressed both up and down. For your more adventurous side bring along your HI-TEC slip on shoes, these are perfect for hikes and walks in the town to keep your feet cool and comfortable.
Hair & Brows: Be sure to never leave home without you leave in conditioner and Moroccan oil, you will need this to keep your hair strong and moisturized both during and after sunbathing. Taming your brows is all you will need to do to look your best after a few days of working on your tan. Be sure to pack your all of your brow grooming necessities to enhance your look. Try using Tweezerman’s mini brow rescue kit for a quick and continent fix.
Carry-On: With all these necessities be sure to bring along a bag that not only fits everything but also looks great. This lightweight Stella and Dot carry-on is perfect for carrying everything you need, the lightweight and easy storage size will make your traveling much easier.

We stayed at the Riu Santa Fe, located in the south of the Baja California peninsula, just minutes from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Our room was located in building 7 where we were able to enjoy our outstanding and breathtaking view from our balcony of both the infinity pool and the ocean with the white sandy beaches, turquoise water and the distinctive rocks of Cabo. Our dining experiences on the resort were fantastic, providing us with reservations to all 4 restaurants during our stay and enjoying Mexican cuisine at it’s best. The hotel staff was amazing and always happy to help, offering local knowledge about both the day and night life on and off the resort, whether you stay on your resort or choose to venture off you will always find something to see and do.


Beaches, Bars and Dining
From Cliff Jumping to Snorkeling, Margaritas to Cervezas and Shrimp Tacos to Merlin we managed to fit it all into one week and enjoy every second of what Los Cabos has to offer. As we made our way behind the famed arch, spanning Cabo San Lucas and the Pacific Ocean we had the opportunity to swim and snorkel in the bay, while admiring the sights and resorts in the distance. It has been said that many locals and vacationers who visit Los Cabos must try cliff jumping and I am proud to say that I am now one of those vacationers who have. After what felt like a short swim out to a very large rock and feeling of both excitement and fear creep over me, I did it, I jumped into the Pacific Ocean in Los Cabos and I would definitely do it again.

The nightlife was great, after a few evenings spent in the town it started to feel like home as we made new friends, went to our favorite spots like El Squid Roe and enjoyed a few Dos Equis and Margaritas.

While on vacation we all tend to find that one place we love to eat, for us it was Pachos, a fresh seafood restaurant located in Los Cabos San Lucas on the marina. The restaurant staff was extremely friendly as they greeted us onto the patio with bright smiles and an irresistible seafood menu, from Shrimp Tacos to fresh Merlin cooked 3 ways, we ate like queens during both our visits.


– Vanessa Cioffi

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TEST DRIVE: All-in-One No Chip Gelnamel Polish by Fuse

One of our favourite drug store finds is Fuse’s All-in-One No Chip Gelnamel Polish. A week without chips and in half of the time!

Product: Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit, $30. Individual Gelnamel Shades, $10.

Where to Buy: Available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, London Drugs and Walmart.

Its Claim: Fuse Gelnamel combines the best of polish colour and the best of gel into an all-in-one formula.  The Fuse Starter Kit contains everything you need including Fuse Gelnamel colour, mini nail file and a compact high-powered LED lamp.  It thoroughly cures your Gelnamel in only 30 seconds.

Our Thoughts: Although it says you only need one coat, I prefer two for more opaque colour (the photo below of my nails is with one coat). My gelnamel nails lasted 5 days, but then again, I’m pretty rough with my nails. The removal process was much faster than the usual gel nails since you only have one (or two) coats to remove versus the usual three or four coats.

The one step process makes the application a breeze. It’s easy to use (just paint and cure) and because the lamp is so small, it’s great for travelling. Since it comes with a USB charger and wall adapter, it can be charged with a laptop or wall outlet.

Gelnamel is ideal for the person who wants the look of gel nails but prefers an easier at-home application process and without the commitment (one week wear instead of three).

– Chenessa Lam

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BEAUTY: Do The Gel with Essie Gel Nails

A healthy nail is a beautiful nail according to Essie, that’s why Essie Gel nails are not only stunning and convenient they are healthy too. Essie Gel nails provides your nails with a treatment that won’t damage your nails, instead it will keep them strong and health for your next polish.

Essie Gel is a 2-in-1 colour and care professional LED gel system made with keratin-care technology. The astonishing technology allows the natural health of the nail to remain strong, helping to protect the nail from breaking, and offering weeks and weeks of amazing colour and shine.

The Essie Gel system is an easy 5-step process that will leave your nails looking healthy and polished. Step one preps the nails to perfection with the keratin-care technology cleanser, maximizing the bond between nail and base coat. Start off your flawless manicure in step two with the Vitamin-E derivative and Pro-Vitamin B5 hybrid gel base coat. Get ready to make some decisions in step three with 36 iconic, chic shades. Go long and go strong in step four with a top coat that locks in strength and durability while still leaving your nails with a perfectly glossed finish. Step 5 may be a few weeks away but there’s no need to worry about what your nails may bard when the colour comes off, this expert formula speeds removal without drying out your skin or nails. The formula contains conditioning oil, maintaining moisturization, up keeping the strength of your nails and prepping them for your next Essie Gel Mani.

Respect the beauty and health of your natural nail with the new Essie Gel 2-in-1 formula that will deliver long-lasting colour with a complete nail care system leaving your nails looking gorgeous, healthy and perfectly flawless because a healthy nail is a beautiful nail.

– Vanessa Cioffi

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