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#SELOVES: Animal Lovers Give Back with TOMS One for One

Giving back is always a great way to show your love and appreciation to the world we live in. With so much happening in the world around us it’s hard to keep track of everyone in need of protection. TOMS always finds a way to bring awareness to so many different partnerships with their the One for One programs.

This past fall TOMS announced their partnership with the National Geographic Big Cats Collection, as a cat lover the choice to support this great program came easy as I began to read some of the recent statistics of Big Cats in the wild that are disappearing in the world around us. The National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative has worked to reverse the decline through on-the-ground conversation and educational projects in Africa, Asia, North and South America.



Nat Geo Leopard Noah, $189, toms.ca

Nat Geo Women’s Jaguar Classics, $70, toms.ca

Nat Geo Men’s Lion Paseos, $75, toms.ca

Nat Geo Big Cats Backpack, $108, toms.ca

The TOMS and National Geographic Big Cats Collection features a special edition line of footwear, sunglasses and backpacks for men, women and children ranging from $38 to $168 CAD. The collection features design elements representing big cats as well as iconic photography from the National Geographic’s image library. The TOMS One for One Animal Initiative program will drive awareness and funding for global animal protection for Big Cats and with our support and awareness we can come together to help minimize the dangers that Big Cats are facing in the wild.

– Vanessa Cioffi

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FASHION: Pick A Pair & Give A Pair with TOMS

Summer has officially ended, despite the change in weather from day to day and hour to hour. As parents and students round up their troops for the highly anticipated weekend of the summer (also known as back to school shopping), we are excited to take you back in style. TOMS shoes and boots come in a variety of styles for kids and young adults, making them an absolute must have on your back to school shopping list, along with a new backpack, pencils and notebooks of course!


Start the year off in style with the perfect shoes for pre-school tots, grade school kids and university and college students. TOMS has a shoe for everyone, including a new pair that will be provided to a child in need with every pair of TOMS shoes purchased.

TOMS shoes are available at TOMS.ca and retailers across Canada.

– Vanessa Cioffi

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FASHION: TOMS One for One Shades of Spring

Get excited about the sunshine in more ways than one. This spring/summer, we’re trading overcast snow days for all day sunshine. There is no better way to style your face this season than with a new pair of shades that will leave you feeling fashionable and helpful from dusk till dawn with the TOMS One for One act. TOMS is the one for one company that helps those in need by simply doing what we all love, shopping! TOMS one for one helps give sight to someone in need for every pair of TOMS sunglasses purchased, making it’s even easier to justify collecting them all.


The spring/summer collection is now available for purchase online at retailers across Canada, ranging in price from $118 to $210 CDN. Whether your keeping it casual at the beach in The Beachmaster style or taking on the city in The Yvette style this new collection is filled with shades that will add to all of your fashionable summer looks.


Editor’s Picks: The Memphis, Matte Black and Champagne Crystal, $159 non-polarized; $199 polarized, TOMS.ca

Vanessa Cioffi

Having light ombré hair I absolutely love the matte black and champagne crystal colour, they look great with my sun kissed hair style. Black sunglasses are an absolute staple item to style with any outfit, they are the perfect mix between casual and business wear. I would pair these shades with jeans and a tee just as easily as I would pair them with trousers and a blazer, making them extremely wearable and transitional as a summertime accessory must have.

– Vanessa Cioffi

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FASHION: One for One with TOMS

TOMS has evolved their One For One movement, making it possible for children to now receive even more care. The One For One act started a whole new way of helping children in need by addressing an entirely new need from around the world and making it even easier to donate necessities. The new act provides children with medical treatment, prescription eyeglasses and sight-saving surgery. These children can now be protected from sight to sole and so can you. With the purchase of any TOMS eyewear and footwear TOMS will donate a matching pair to a child in need, making the One For One act easy and allowing you to have the satisfaction and pride to say that with every purchase made you are helping a child.

Summer time brings on a whole new meaning to sunshine, shades and shoes. TOMS is making it easy for you to enjoy all the latest styles and colors while helping children. Get ready for choices this season with the latest summer colours in Ballet Flats, Strappy Wedges and Classic Wedges. TOMS is making summer colours start from the sole and rise up, creating new styles that seal in colour, showing off your love for the season.

Whether it be driving in your car, or walking down the street; the sun affects our eyes and wearing shades protects our eyesight as well as prevents permanent damage. Being the helpful and caring company that TOMS is, they have expanded their company by designing TOMS Eyewear. They say that both TOMS and conscious Canadian shoppers will address another pressing need through vision care with this latest collection. By tending to your stylish and sight-saving needs you can indulge in these excellent quality lenses and trendy styles for both yourself and a child in need.

TOMS One For One puts your needs and children’s needs first by keeping you aware of necessities that are important for both adults and children. Place a stylish pair on you and someone else with TOMS and their latest collections.

– Vanessa Cioffi

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