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LIFE: Avocados, Anytime

As winter approaches dinners out seem a little less appealing when you can easily pull things together in your very own kitchen using fresh ingredients in new and easy ways.


I love cooking with fresh ingredients, especially when I’m trying new recipes, whether I’m being creative in the kitchen or I saw it on Slice it’s always fun to try new things and prepping fresh ingredients. Most people try and avoid prepping their veggies by using chopping and slicing appliances, personally I love the prepping part of cooking. I’ve always enjoyed chopping up fruits and veggies but avocados have always been a tricky one for me. I’ve tried many of the tips and tricks like slicing and using a spoon to scoop it out, and yes, this is a great option that I’ve turned to many times but, I find it doesn’t get the avocado sliced enough and ends up making more of a mess.






We love Avocados from Mexico for not only being the world top avocado producers but for creating these great kitchen must haves that help make cooking with avocados so much easier. Weather you struggle with the pit, can’t cut through the peel or hate waisting even a little bit these kitchen supplies from Avocados from┬áMexico know how to handle and take care of Avocados the right way.


Avocados are a great source of fiber, low in sodium and rich in potassium which makes them the perfect addition to any meal, anytime of day. For recipes ideas on how to cook with Avocados visit AvocadosFromMexico.ca and be sure to tag #SELIVES. We love new recipes and stories!

– Vanessa Cioffi

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