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#SELOVES: SickKids’ Scrubs in the City, The London Edition (+ Giveaway)

One of the hottest social events of the season also happens to be an event with impact. On Thursday June 2, the Evergreen Brickworks plays host to Scrubs in the City, the London Edition. Every year, Scrubs in the City raises funds for SickKids and this year is no different. SickKids clinicians aim to offer the best-in-class technology to deliver best-in-class care. This year’s goal is to raise funds for a new 3T MRI machine at SickKids. Quieter, faster, bigger, and more powerful, it will make the MRI experience less stressful for kids and family.

Scrubs - Save The DateAside from being philanthropic and for a great cause, one of my favourite aspects of this event are the themes. Every year, it’s different and this year, they’re doing London.

Are you a royal or a rebel? London’s a city of contrasts, and they’ll all be on display at this year’s Scrubs in the City, where the theme is London, and the cause is SickKids. So come as the London you are. Or want to be. It’s time to eat, drink and donate to the heartbeat of the city. For tickets and and more information, go to SickKidsFoundation.com/Scrubs or check out the event page on Facebook. You can also win a pair of tickets right here! To enter, just scroll down and use the widget below.

Scrubs in the City LondonScrubs in the City London

What: Scrubs in the City does London
When:Thursday, June 2, 2013. Doors open at 7:00 p.m
(Doors open at 6.00 p.m. for Starlight Lounge Guests)
Where: Evergreen Brick Works, 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4W 3X8

Individual Ticket: $195/ticket. Buy 8 or more tickets $175/ticket.
Ticket includes: Amazing food, open bar and fun entertainment.

Winners must live in the Toronto area to claim your prize.
Winners will be contacted on May 31st and have 24
hours to respond before another winner is chosen.
Contest closes May 30th 2016 at 11:59 PM EST.



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#SELOVES: The IKEA Pop-up Experience in Downtown Toronto

I love a good pop-up – they’re usually fun and it’s the perfect motivation to start shopping (as if we need the extra encouragement). The only thing better than a regular pop-up, is one that includes food. Last week, IKEA introduced us to their food-focused Pop-up Experience in the heart of downtown Toronto, the best of both worlds.
IKEA_PopUp_TorontoIKEA_PopUp_SpoonsLocated at 363 King St. West (at King St. W. and Blue Jays Way), the IKEA Pop-up Experience showcases ways to break any conventional food, decor and organizational rules (they also offer tips on how to grow your own herb garden). Attendees are invited to get interactive with the displays and the second you step foot into the space, you know the experience will be a fun one. You’re welcome shop while you wander – complete with an easy (maybe too easy) tap to select and buy option – and leave with your purchase at the end of your session, no lag or delivery time required. Or you can just soak in the inspiration from interesting place settings to healthy recipe ideas.

As you walk from room to room, you can shop, learn and eat. There are daily food samplings at the IKEA Pop-up from 12:00pm-2:00pm and 4:00pm-6:00pm (and learning sessions offered each Saturday from 1:00pm-5:00pm), where you can taste IKEA’s extensive culinary options, which are both healthy and sustainable, some of the which are vegan-friendly and they even have a selection of Pick & Mix candy that is both GMO and trans-fat free.
IKEA_PopUp_Dessert IKEA_PopUp_Dessert Ideas IKEA_PopUp_KitchenIKEA_PopUp_CulinaryIKEA_PopUp_ShopIKEA_PopUp_Place SettingsIKEA_PopUp_Herb GardenThe IKEA Pop-up is designed to take you through a culinary journey and to challenge how you look at food, from throwing an impromptu dinner party or just baking with the kids. The Pop-up Experience is open to the public from May 13 to May 26 and over 50 IKEA products will be available for purchase in the space, including household accessories and IKEA food products.

IKEA is also encouraging those on social media to accept the challenge to #StartFooding? With endless possibilities, IKEA aims to break the traditional culinary conventions. Are you up to the task? We love breaking rules and starting with dessert (because really, who doesn’t). Check out the IKEA Pop-up Experience at 363 King St. West and join in the fun, because we already did.

– Chenessa Lam

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#SELOVES: TOMS Celebrates 10 Years!

I’ll start with this, I love TOMS. I’ve taken mine (both shoes and eyewear) travelling with me on my various trips from the cliffs of Scotland to the streets of Myanmar, to the beaches and jungles of Costa Rica to the scenic rooftops of Spain. Not only does TOMS make amazing products, with every purchase TOMS will help a person in need – if that isn’t philanthropic, I don’t know what is.
Style Empire in TOMS in Costa RicaStyle Empire in TOMS in ScotlandStyle Empire in TOMS in Costa RicaStyle Empire in TOMS in MyanmarStyle Empire in TOMS in SpainStyle Empire in TOMS in Seville

A lot of us are very fortunate and live in a place where any (and every) thing is at our fingertips, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case for much of the world. With TOMS’ One for One motto, they give back. This coming Tuesday, May 10th, marks their 10 year anniversary and they want to celebrate big.

On May 10th, TOMS is asking Canadians and people around the world to help raise awareness of the millions of children around the world who live without proper footwear. It’s easy, just post a barefoot picture on Instagram, tag #withoutshoes, and TOMS will donate a new pair of shoes to children in need, up to 100,000 pairs.

TOMS One Day #WithoutShoesTOMS One Day #WithoutShoes, How ToTOMS 10 Year Anniversary Grey Chambray Classics

Aside from their day #withoutshoes, TOMS is also celebrating their 10th with a special edition grey chambray 10 Year Anniversary women’s classics (available for $65 on TOMS.ca). As always, for every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, TOMS provides a new pair of shoes to a child in need. With every pair of TOMS eyewear purchased, TOMS gives sight to a person in need. And with every TOMS bag purchased, TOMS helps provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. So on May 10th – mark it down on your calendar –  grab your phone and take a foot selfie, it’s easy, it’s free and a child in need will thank you for it. Can’t wait to see you on Instagram, #withoutshoes.

– Chenessa Lam

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#SELOVES: Staying Hydrated with Thirsty Buddha

I first fell in love with coconut water in Thailand. Over there, it’s sold everywhere (straight out of the coconut), whether you’re lying on the beach or roaming the city streets of Bangkok. Fast forward to Toronto and we’re seeing coconut water in almost every grocery store, and no wonder, coconut water has many beneficial properties from replenishing minerals, electrolytes and combating dehydration.

Thailand CoconutsThailand Coconuts

The only thing better than straight up coconut water (which is delicious on its own), is one with aloe vera. The benefits of aloe complement coconut water perfectly as it has healing, soothing and rejuvenating properties (remember the time you had to slather it on to soothe that sunburn?).

I recently tried Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water with Aloe Vera and fell in love with the flavour. It was sweet and refreshing with bits of aloe pulp. Aloe helps minimize bloating and helps detoxify the body, promoting beauty and wellness from the inside out. It’s great on its own, you can freeze it into ice cubes and add them to any beverage, or you can add it to your smoothie for extra flavour and nourishment. I created a simple morning smoothie as the perfect way to kick-start my day.

ThirstyBuddhaGlowwithAloe Smoothie

1/2 cup frozen berries
1/2 cup of Thirsty Buddha
Coconut Water with Aloe Vera
1/2 cup of ice
Throw ingredients into blender, blend until smooth and enjoy!

While we continue to battle Mother Nature for signs of spring and warmer weather, I will continue to daydream about Thailand – but in the meantime, I’ll be sure to reach for my coconut water. Whether you need to rehydrate post-workout or if you just need an energy boost, give Thirsty Buddha a try. Trust me, your mind and body will thank you for it.

For more information on Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water, check out buddhabrandscompany.com.

– Chenessa Lam

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#SELOVES: Holiday Shopping without the Headaches

The holidays are generally a manic time of year – I’m pretty sure that’s the understatement of the century. In between work, friends and family get-togethers, your time may be limited. When it comes to holiday shopping, there are a few things to keep in mind to minimize headaches and stress levels. We’re going to share a few of our favourite tips and tricks to staying sane and avoiding the holiday rush.

Do your Research
A few minutes can save you a lot of time. Instead of blindly walking into a store and going from rack to rack and aisle to aisle, have a plan and stick to it. If you need inspiration go online, making a list will also help you stay on track.
Do your Research

Maximize your Lunch Break
We all love our lunch breaks but why not spend it running an errand or two. If you want to avoid the evening and weekend rush, just make a quick pit stop before returning desk-side. You can be in and out in a matter of minutes, while also getting a coffee and maybe even a breath of fresh air.
Maximize your Lunch Break

Online, Anytime
If you want to avoid people all together, then technology is your best friend. Almost everything is available online these days and since I’ve discovered PayPal’s updated app, I’ve been shopping easily on-the-go. From the couch to the streetcar, you can shop quickly with the click of your fingers or the touch of your thumbs, avoiding all of the line-ups and crowds.
Paypal, Shop Online, Anytime.

No matter where your holidays take you, don’t let the holiday rush get you down. Whether you plan on shopping online or off, get one step ahead of the game to ensure a stress free holiday season!

– Chenessa Lam

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