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#SEEXPERIENCE: Ziplining in St. Lucia

As an avid adventure seeker, every time I travel one of the first things I do is either search out some really great spots to cliff jump (there’s something about the views and diving into the ocean that gets me every time), or I try out a local adventure I want to do to remember my trip by!

My most recent travels took me to the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia and when in the rainforest why not zipline! I’ve ziplined a few times before both locally and in the Rockies but never in sights as tropical as these ones and let me tell you, the experience was absolutely amazing from start to finish.



After a short coursr on how to effectively zip down all 12 lines the adventure began. You would think that zipping is easier then it looks, but the truth is you have to remember to slow down before you stop and understand the line you’re about to zip to ensure you make it to the end to avoid getting stuck. You really want to avoid getting stack because as the locals say “we will point, laugh and take pictures of you”. Luckily I only had to experience the embarrassment once and in my defense it was a really long line, but I’m sure we all say that!




I always love remembering my trips by seeing the amazing sights and creating new experiences, especially ones that each location is known for. This is a great way to truly understand and live the culture in addition to food of course!

– Vanessa Cioffi

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TRAVEL: Breathtaking Bahamas

Breathtaking Bahamas

In the midst of the polar vortex, I reached the limits of my patience with mother nature. I don’t hate the snow, but power outages, ice sheets, and extreme weather warnings can really wear a girl down. It became clear in February that I had to get out of town for a while and remind myself that mother nature isn’t always the disciplinarian she’s proven to be in the past few months. In a snap, my mind was made up and the next thing I knew I was holding tickets to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas in my mittened hands.

It was clear upon landing that my luck was about to change for the better. A full band played a light hearted calypso set right beside customs as we lined up to check in and hit the beaches. I was lucky enough to have a trusty guide secured for the trip, and in the blink of an eye I was nestled into a cabana in the gorgeous grounds of Albany. The height of luxury, Albany boasts gorgeous white sand beaches, an incredibly attentive and easy going staff, and an impressive lineup of yachts belonging to some household names. Tiger Woods was docked at Albany that day. His massive boat, ironically named Privacy, looked more like a mini cruise ship than a personal houseboat. My first meal was Albany’s conch salad. Conch is one of the most popular staple foods of the Bahamas. The salad is citrusy and tart, a definite refresher after being in the high noon sun. It seems each island in the Caribbean has it’s beer of choice too. Jamaicans have Red Stripe, Bajan’s drink Banks, and in the Bahamas the must have is Sands. It reminded me of a cerveza; not too heavy, crisp and refreshing – another heat-beating strategy.

If you are lucky enough to make it to the beaches this winter, head to the Bahamas and take a day off the beaten path with a trip to Rose Island. The Bahamas are an archipelago, meaning there are lots of tiny islands in a close proximity to explore there. We did a day trip to the beautiful Rose Island, where I lounged in a valley of hammocks, (Yes, you read that correctly. A valley of hammocks.) and had some of the best food of my entire trip. Of course, there is always also the famous Atlantis resort. As is the case with most tourist heavy sites, it is definitely worth seeing, but not all the Bahamas has to offer.

As we descended over hometown T.O., the captain laughed as he announced that the evening was forecast to be a low of -18 degrees C, before the windchill. Luckily I left room in my luggage for flip flops and snow boots!

– Nicole Edwards

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