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Getting the full treatment backstage is always a great way to end the week and we’re reminiscing on all the wonderful things we experienced last week both on and off the runway.

I always love spending my time backstage season after season, it’s where all the beauty happens from #BornWithIt with MAYBELLINE to #REDKENready with REDKEN you’ll always leave looking your absolute finest!

This season I had the pleasure of getting REDKEN ready with two of Toronto’s REDKEN stylists, glaming me up with the look from Rachel Sin’s Runway Show.




I was absolutely honoured to rock this Spring Summer 2016 Runway look, I mean what girl wouldn’t love being filled up in braids and curls.

– Vanessa Cioffi

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#WMCFW Fall/Winter 2015: Klaxon Howl

On day three of World MasterCard Fashion Week Klaxon Howl brought a clean and warm look to the runway, using heavier fabrics and warm sweaters, this collection is a warm spin on the average suit and everyday comfort look.





The collection incorporated dressy and casual making it even easier to not only dress for the occasion, but also dress for the weather. This season designers seem to really be keeping the consumer in mind but taking fashion and making it even more wearable in the dead of winter.

Klaxon Howl used a neutral colour palette when designing this collection, giving it a sophisticated feel. The pieces looked great on the runway with each designs being carefully tailored for a clean fit.













– Vanessa Cioffi

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#WMCFW Fall/Winter 2015: David Dixon

Few designers at World Mastercard Fashion Week exemplify the same dedication to shaping Canadian fashion that’s evident in through the legacy of David Dixon. After twenty years in the business, Dixon has risen to the top of the Canadian fashion industry; even bringing the likes of Toronto’s mayor John Tory to line the runway for a glimpse at his newest creations. The debut of Dixon’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection is the ultimate testament to this fact to his dedication. Tuesday evening marked his 20th year in the industry marking this collection a landmark 40th.

David Dixon-45 David Dixon-44 David Dixon-43 David Dixon-42 David Dixon-41 David Dixon-40 David Dixon-39 David Dixon-38 David Dixon-37 David Dixon-36 David Dixon-35 David Dixon-34 David Dixon-33 David Dixon-32 David Dixon-31 David Dixon-30 David Dixon-29 David Dixon-28 David Dixon-27 David Dixon-26 David Dixon-25 David Dixon-24 David Dixon-23 David Dixon-22 David Dixon-21 David Dixon-20 David Dixon-19 David Dixon-18 David Dixon-17 David Dixon-16 David Dixon-15 David Dixon-14 David Dixon-13 David Dixon-12 David Dixon-11 David Dixon-10 David Dixon-9 David Dixon-8 David Dixon-7 David Dixon-6 David Dixon-5 David Dixon-4 David Dixon-3 David Dixon-2 David Dixon-1The collection is as youthful and current as ever, with striking accessories like thick chokers made of beads and chains, rings that link with wrist cuffs while cascading chains over the hands, and a nod to gothic 90s style with each model sporting pitch black nail polish. Cage sandal shoes provided a nice, light balance to the heavy structuring characteristic of the collection’s garments: like the bold shoulder created by free flying fur shawls or the dramatic leather waist-pinching panels. Strong brows and flushed red lips brought even more power to the overall energy of the femme fatale vibe of the collection. It was the perfect compliment to a Fall/Winter line for the bold and courageous woman with a flair for the fashion-dramatic, but on her own terms.

– Nicole Edwards


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#WMCFW Fall/Winter 2015: Behind The Scenes with Essie, Day 1 & 2

Our editors are backstage of World MasterFashion Week chatting with Rita Remark, Essie Canada Lead Nail Artist getting you the inside scoop on all that is Essie. Here’s what happened backstage on day one and two.

Essie Canada WMCFW

With inspirations being taken from the past, Mikhael Kale wanted more of a subtle and nude look, but when your on the runway it’s all about that eye-catching effect and with a combination of Essie Sand Tropez and Blanc a pale chiffon effect was born.

Sometimes a little goes a long away, and sometimes the littlest of details have the biggest of meanings. Pink Tartan may have had a soft and simple looking nail but when really paying attention to detail you will see that the pinky nails were the start of the Essie show using Inspired by Japanese and Tibetan culture, this nail look was on point what it came to symbolization. With one hands symbol meaning “Goddess” and the others meaning “God” these women are sure to out on a fierce show in a strong collection.

On day two we saw a more bold approach when it came to the nails. Melissa Nepton was inspired by a romantic winter warrior and influences by Asian culture, the collection was very textured with heavy wools and light silks. The Nepton nail was created using After School Boy Blazer and No Place Like Chrome To create a look that reflected different textures by creating a quarter moon nail look.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @styleempireMag @nessycioffi & Twitter @stylempire @nessycioffi for a sneak peak backstage at World MasterCard Fashion Week. Use #StyleEmpireXWMCFW #StyleEmpire to tell us what your #EssieLove is.

– Vanessa Cioffi

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#WMCFW Spring/Summer 2015: Day 5, Stephan Caras

What do the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Miss teen International and Hermes have in common? One thing: Stephan Caras. His eclectic history of fashion design is no doubt what has moved him up through the ranks over the years as a highly anticipated creator of women’s fashion. His work is dramatic and opulent – the stuff you’d imagine on a diva center-stage or a starlet on the red carpet. This year’s collection at World MasterCard Fashion Week  was no exception.

img_8537 img_8544 img_8549 img_8565 img_8571 img_8581 img_8600 (1) img_8600 img_8606 img_8620 img_8624 img_8656 img_8657 img_8664 img_8679 img_8686 img_8700 img_8704 img_8720 img_8776 img_8814 img_8836 img_8870 img_8875 img_8897 img_8912 img_8930 img_8948 img_8958 img_8982 img_9001 img_9022 img_9035 img_9056 img_9069 img_9093 img_9108 img_9129 img_9142 img_9168 img_9199 img_9212 img_9240 img_9272img_9282img_9371


The Spring/Summer 2015 line boasts bold gold and silver fabrics with metallic sheen and subtle yet intricate patterns in many of the pieces. Deeply cut necklines welcoming the season’s sun add a sexy twist to some gowns. The dramatic flare of other gowns was secret until the models pivoted to head back from the top of the runway, revealing beautiful backless silhouettes. One pieces and cropped tops will also surely be seasonal favourites when the time comes. The Australian-born designer continues his legacy of adorned, feminine style with his latest collection.


– Nicole Edwards

Photos courtesy of Paul Ross for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway 

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